A Guide to Enjoying the Night Life in Tokyo

Tokyo, the capital of Japan, has a variety of places to enjoy nightlife. The capital of an empire, this city is one of the largest and most cosmopolitan urban centers in the world. If you choose well, you can spend an incredible night in the best places, consuming the best food and drinking in the

How Japan is Coping With the Current Pandemic Corona Virus

Covid-19 is a worldwide pandemic that has affected many countries globally. Japan is one of the countries that have managed to effectively contain the spread of the virus. Many countries like the European and American continents have been hit hard by the pandemic, recording hundreds of thousand cases and deaths in equal measures. Some of

Esports Betting in Japan

Japan is well known for its gaming arena. Titles from Namco Bandai, Nintendo, Konami, and Sony are top-rated in the country. The concept of esports gaming tournaments has come in to fashion recently. Gambling, in general, is prohibited by the Japanese Criminal Code chapter 23. The only exceptions are betting on motorsports and horse racing. Is

Japanese Pachinko Machines

In Japan, Pachinko machines are like slots machines in the western world. They are the most popular gambling games among many Japanese punters. However, for a long time, they were being used as recreational arcade games. The fact that they are highly customizable makes them a favorite among many Japanese punters. In fact, we wouldn’t

Japanese Fashion

Tokyo is a diverse city that allows people of all ages to experience the best of fashion throughout the year. Tokyo has classic and trending styles within Asia, which can be easily adapted in different areas around the world. This makes it even more exciting to visit the city, shop and to wear trending outfits

Bringing Your Children to Tokyo

Bringing children to Tokyo does not have to be an overly stressful experience. The Japanese people are known for their friendliness and desire to assist foreigners. However, there is a language barrier that must be overcome. Like many Asian cultures, there is a big focus on respect towards elders and the family in general, which

Bringing Your Teenagers to Tokyo

Moving to Japan can be a daunting experience for everyone involved, and that goes just as much for the teenagers in your family as it does for the adults. Being uprooted from everything familiar and flown halfway across the world can be traumatic if you don’t plan things properly. That’s why we’ve put together this

Cricket in Japan

Do you miss your cricket fixes while in Japan? Cricket is not so popular in Japan as it is in Australia, UK, India and South Africa. The British brought the game with them and established the first club in 1868, and the first game was played in Japan already in 1863. In fact, until the

Top 10 Co-Working Spaces in Japan

Finding an area to open an office in Japan can be a daunting experience. You will have to deal with bureaucracy, invest a lot of time and money, etc. and still you might not get your ideal space. This is something that might be a challenge for you as a nomad worker. However, that should

Remarkable Places All Japan-Based Expats Should Visit

Japan, where ancient tradition meets ultra-modernity, is home to an estimated two million expatriates from all over the world. While most are concentrated in Tokyo and other major cities, smaller expat communities can be found all over this diverse island-nation. Japan is known for its relatively high cost of living, especially in urban centers, with