Top Tourist Locations in Japan

Japan is a world-famous travel destination thanks to its fascinating history that dates back thousands of years. It has several temples and buildings from the past that co-exist with modern achievements in technology and architecture.

Japan is not only one of the world’s most developed nations, but one that boasts of endless top attractions, points of interest to explore and, things to see and do. A holiday in Japan is a great way to invest your money and time.

Below is a fascinating list of some of the top tourist attractions in Japan that we love. Hopefully, you can find something that excites you the next time you are on vacation in Japan.


If you make it to Japan, ensure that you find time to visit Kyoto. It is one of the oldest cities in the country and one that was spared the devastation of WWII. It was the most important cultural center in Japan and still is, thanks to its numerous museums and art galleries.

When you are in Kyoto, make sure to visit the following places:

  • The Golden Pavilion; famous for its exquisite golden exterior
  • The Nijo Castle; this is a 17th-century fortress that has maintained its original walls, gates, and towers. It also features some beautiful interior décor
  • Arashiyama Bamboo Groove; just a few minutes’ walk from the city center, this is a beautiful area featuring beautiful tall bamboo plants

Himeji Castle

This is the best existing representation of Japanese castle architecture. During the feudal period, the castle was fortified to offer defense against enemies. It has, however, been rebuilt many times over the years. It survived world war II bombings and is often featured in many local and international movies. The castle’s exterior design gives it an appearance of a flying bird, which has earned it the nickname “white egret castle.” The cost for entry to this attraction is ¥800 ($7.54) per adult.

The Tokyo Tower

Located in Minato City, the Tokyo Tower is the second tallest man-made structure in Japan. It was inspired by the Eifel Tower and represents the advancement of technology. The tower is used as a communication and observation platform, and you can climb up to have unmatched views of Tokyo and its surrounding areas. You can also go shopping and dining in the various shops and restaurants within the tower. The cost of admission to the main observation deck is ¥900 ($8) for adults and ¥350 ($3) for children.

Todaiji Temple

Found in Nara, the Todaiji Temple is an excellent accomplishment of engineering. It is both the world’s largest wooden building and home to the world’s most massive bronze Buddha statue! It is surrounded by beautiful flora and fauna. It is also home to the Kegon School of Buddhism and hosts many artifacts representing Japanese and Buddhist history. You will find deer freely roaming the area as messengers of the Shinto gods.

Visitors can buy a combined ticket for the Great Buddha Hall and the Todaiji Museum for ¥800, and ¥500 for the Great Buddha Hall.