Popular Sports for Expatriates in Japan

If you are an expatriate in Japan or you are planning to move over to the country shortly, there are many things to look forward to. One of the areas where the Japanese tend to thrive and put a lot of focus on is sports. They have a mix of their traditional sporting events, and they have also embraced some of the popular Western sports.

Sports for Expats in Japan

  • Baseball: Throughout history, baseball has been considered to be the most popular sport in Japan. The first baseball team in the country was the Shimbashi Athletic Club, and over the years, there has been a lot of growth. Since baseball is a popular sport globally, it makes sense that most expatriates would want not only to go to watch it but also participate if they get a chance.
  • Football: Both the male and female football teams are recognised in Japan. Their national team has represented the country in several FIFA World Cup events and done relatively well. Since they are always teaching football in schools and setting up teams in workplaces, it goes without saying that Being an expat in Japan will expose you to several opportunities to watch and play football.
  • Sumo wrestling: When Sumo wrestling is mentioned, most people think of Japan. It is believed to be the origin of this form of sport, and some trainers are always willing to teach people the tricks of the game. If you are an expat and you do not want to become a wrestler, you can still go to open competitions and watch this fascinating sport.
  • Rugby: The Japanese National Rugby team is famous and has been to the World Cup since 1987. Rugby is an internationally known sport, and this makes it have a broader appeal even among people who are moving in from other countries.